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Love Horoscope This Week (27th July to 2nd August, 2020)

R K Shridhar Updated 25 Jul 2020 04:26 PM IST
Love Horoscope
Love Horoscope - फोटो : Myjyotish

Venus is the planet of love, art and creativity and its transit in Taurus is always full of encouraging opportunities. It will lead to prosperity. Taurus is a fixed earth sign so; you might go for serious commitment than informal dating. This is the time, some of you would like to simplify the intricacies and rebuild relationships, if required. 

                           But the transition of Jupiter and Ketu together in Sagittarius is very challenging so far as love and romance is concerned. Jupiter signifies wisdom, devotion, expansion, jovial nature, compassionate etc., while Ketu is a planet of separation, negativity, turmoil, lack of enthusiasm, pessimistic approach, spiritualism etc. It is evident that Jupiter is natural benefic and Ketu is natural malefic and this combination might lead you to self contentment and casual approach towards materialistic issues. Firmness in love life would be missing. You might change your opinion and even faith; still you would be able to display your noble qualities. The only common factor between Jupiter and Ketu is spirituality. If your ambitions and dreams are reduced, don’t bother, enjoy Higher knowledge and generosity. It is advisable at this stage to use your self-instinct reasonably and listen to your mate also. Set aside anxiety and insecurity and discover what the stars have in store for you with the Love Horoscope this week: 

Aries Love Horoscope

                          Your fifth lord Sun is posited in your fourth house. Your sign lord Mars is posited in your twelfth house and aspects your seventh house. The week begins with Moon in your seventh house; it is the time to get creative with love. You will find yourself in the mindset of artistic visualizations whether it is in poetry, painting or any other form of art. It will prove positive for you and increase your emotional outlook on your life. This week warmth of love partnership will increase as your mate will also show full faith in your love. You will clearly feel that you and your mate will be proud of this relationship. After mid-week, there might be high work load; hence there won’t be any mood to indulge. Even in many official discussions, you might lose your mental presence there. But you both are desperately waiting for weekend to have a chance of quality time together. If single, you need to find love within yourself before setting out to find it in others.

Taurus Love Horoscope

                          Your fifth house lord Mercury is in your second house with Rahu. Your sign lord Venus is posited in your own house. You love and trust your partner very much and know that both of you are prepared for the next logical level. Long term decisions in your love life are good to look at this week. Steady bonds will be strengthened and paring with your mate is favorable. You will be happily doing whatever told by your love mate, however, don’t take things for granted. You will prefer to consider pros and cons before expressing your thought or handling situation in love related matters. Your mate appears to be dramatic in nature and places overemphasis on many petty things. Look into yourself and in broadening your horizons. You and your partner will work effectively towards a mutual goal that may not only expand your horizons, but also help solidify your relationship. You continue to shower love and warmth on your love. Take your partner for outing on weekend to show your dynamism. 

Gemini Love Horoscope

                          Your sign lord Mercury is placed in your own sign along with Rahu. Your fifth lord Venus is present in your twelfth house and Mars aspects your sign. This is the time you will realize you have completely fallen in love with each other. You might take your connection to a deeper, more soul satisfying level, both physically and emotionally. Your partner might wish your declaration regarding the future of the relationship as she or he appreciates your feelings and mutual trust. As you see the benefits of your decisions starting to flow toward you, you should be careful in putting yourself out there to deal with your mate’s domestic problems. You may be surprised and somewhat baffled by what comes out of your mouth this week, even if, your partner drove you to it. You need to take a risk on Sunday to have actively involved on the romantic front. If you are single, you will be able to recover completely from the past heart break and open yourself up to love again. 

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Cancer Love Horoscope

                           Mars is your fifth lord, that is posited in your ninth house and retrograde Saturn aspects your sign. Your sign lord, Moon is transiting this week from your fourth house to your sixth house. The start of the week will be average, with the mid slightly better. You and your sweetheart might face some domestic issues. While the events emerges are not negative in nature, some conflicting vulnerability might crop up. In mid-week some creativity will be there and both of you will appreciate this adventure. You are like to enjoy a fresh attitude and that will largely affect how you think and feel about life in the short term as well as helping you make decisions long term. The romantic thrill will mark every moment of togetherness memorable. You and your partner search for the kick in everything and you have found the perfect soul mate in each other. Diversification seems to be the key to a happy life this week. Singles are advised to avoid making promises at very early stage.

Leo Love Horoscope

                           Your sign lord Sun is posited in your twelfth house. Jupiter is your fifth lord and is retrograde and placed in your fifth house with Ketu. Lots of pleasant surprises await you this week. You may be greeted by your mate in an enthusiastic mood. Even more surprisingly, he or she may introduce you to his/her family. Nothing to panic as family members will respond in a very positive way. You will be able to establish cordial terms with your mate’s family. You will experience that there is abundant love in your partner’s heart for you and this is going to take you into an ecstatic world. People who are not sure about their relationship must try and instil some faith in them.  Be happy, walk through life with your head held high and live it up. What better way to get through your days than to play and feel the excitement; live up to the life that you love and share it all with your mate and others close to you. 

Virgo Love Horoscope

                          Saturn is your fifth lord and is present in fifth house as retrograde. Your sign lord Mercury is posited in your tenth house along with Rahu. Be sure that you are not hiding any truth and also appreciate your mate’s view point. It will positively help you in your personal relationship and love life. Avoid taking any unrealistic decision of overspending. Rather, take advantage of the love feelings you have between each other and plan for some quality time together. There is a lot of excitement and intimacy this week. Your celebration of love life might cause jealousy among your friend circle. It would be good not to share details about love story. It is quite possible that work related load will cause some worry but you will explore all possibilities to lighten the workload.  If single, understanding your prospective love will be the ace you need and dealing with these views on a softer level will be your matching card to win the battle.

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Libra Love Horoscope

                          Your fifth lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in fourth and aspects your sign by tenth aspect. Your sign Lord Venus is posited in your eighth house. This week you might feel lethargic in your romantic life. Also, on professional front, you find yourself quite content in your career and accomplishments. Generally, you prefer to take the lead and are full of energy to chase your romantic interest. You are wondering why things in your love life can't return to the way they used to be. But in the beginning you are in a mood for a slower pace. You are about to realize that taking things slow can be no less romantic. From Wednesday onward, you will appreciate your mate’s every little effort to make you happy. You will realize that, though, your mate is not going to do any outstanding act of love, you know the depth of feeling that he/she has for you. If single, a mental connection between you and your mate will spark extra passion in the beginning.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

                         Your sign lord Mars is present in your fifth house. Your fifth lord Jupiter is retrograde and present in your second house with Ketu. Venus is aspects your house. Though your mate is fully assured of your feelings and emotions for love, there seem some disappointments just because you never go for some thrilling and adventurous approach. Your romantic fantasies will thrill him/her and you will not be judged as a boring person. It will prove fruitful for you. As soon as you realize the increase in your own high spirits, you will be able to expand your love and your feelings outwards and upwards. Your one bold step will enlighten your romantic life and mid-week is the perfect time to act.  You will be surprised how enthusiastically your partner will enter into your sentiments. You will realize that your partner has as much a witty side to his / her character as you. If you are single, you may be surprised if a friend or colleague makes a romantic proposal.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

                         Your sign lord Jupiter is posited in your own house and is retrograde with Ketu. Your fifth lord, Mars is posited in your fourth house. Your close friends might give you relief in removing some misunderstanding with your mate. You may have some lopsided ideas about what you can reasonably hold inside and what you ought to risk revealing. Your thoughts will roam around friends closest to you as you look deeper into the details of your life. Your best friend will help you overcome, your intimate matter you are struggling with. Your mate is fully committed to you, there is no doubt about it, but habit of taking things granted is not fair. Always keep in mind that no one is inferior and why to complicate romantic life without any valid reason. You need not go out of your way to do anything surprising, your honesty and caring attitude will win your partner’s heart. Just remove your old junks and unnecessary beliefs.

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Capricorn Love Horoscope

                        Your sign lord Saturn is posited in your own house as retrograde. Your fifth lord Venus is present in your fifth house. This week looks slightly scattered; you will need to consolidate it wisely. You are distracted by someone or something that is keeping your mind off what it should be focusing on. You may not be able to focus yourself on love interest you are trying to attain. Giving costly gift by you to your mate will be misunderstood. It might be treated as if you are trying to buy love. Try to give attention she/he wants. This time will pass and you will be able to get back to the matters of the heart in no time. For this, avoid going to a public place like the park with your mate. Go somewhere tasteful place like good restaurant during the evening. This week will be memorable in your love life if you genuinely take care of your mate. You are going to see some major sparks flying this weekend.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

                           Your sign lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in your twelfth house. Your fifth lord, Mercury is placed in your fifth house along with Rahu and Jupiter and Ketu aspect your fifth house and fifth lord. You might finalize travel plans this week and take a fulfilling trip with your mate. Another possibility is that you and your mate might visit a religious destination this week. Both of you like to escape from the chaos surrounding you. Your social life may be ordinary this week. If possible do not participate in socio-political gathering to address it, as it might be counter-productive. To break the monotony, you must have some different schedule. For the first time you will be able to witness the transparency in your partner’s outlook which you have never been able to see before! Talk about your hopes and your dreams to your mate.  If single, your increased passion and emotions as well as your faith, high moral standards and values you have, will pay off nicely, so go for dating with decency.

Pisces Love Horoscope

                         Your sign lord Jupiter is retrograde and present in tenth house Mars is present in your sign. Moon, the fastest moving planet, is your fifth lord and travels this week from your eighth house to your tenth house.  Real intimacy is possible this week for you and your partner. Emotionally satisfying connection will be achieved after Tuesday. On Wednesday new kind of togetherness will develop between you and your mate and everything will be converted into ‘yes’. There is no reason to shy away, tell your love mate just how you feel, especially now when you are feeling things on a more personal level. This is such a powerful and passionate time for you right now. It is time for you both to spend your time in each other’s company. Talk about your hopes and your dreams to your mate. Do not make the conversation boring, asking each other routine questions. Weekend is your day to glow with happiness. If single, your light hearted attitude will definitely be for your benefit this week.

Best of Luck

R K Shridhar

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