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Life analysis of Priyanka chopra jonas

Myjyotish Expert Updated 17 Jul 2020 06:33 PM IST
Life analysis of Priyanka chopra jonas
Life analysis of Priyanka chopra jonas - फोटो : Google

On Birthday of “Priyanka Chopra Jonas” (18th July)

Detailed life sketch & analysis of one of the best celebrity of world and Global icon, Hollywood and Bollywood actress, Singer, Film producer, Model  “Priyanka Chopra Jonas”.

As per birth chart she is born under Libra Ascendant ruled by Venus showing that she is materialistic oriented wherein work and intelligence are predominant. Besides being egoistic and power oriented she indicates wisdom in decision making and force and ego in societal and partnership matter and prestige and dignity in fulfillment and satisfaction in friendship matters. It also indicates well planned investment and controlled expenses. 

The sign Libra being moving she dislike monotonous life and seeks entertaining and active life. It is obvious for her to be artistic in her approach for two great reasons i.e. Ascendant being Venus represents Art and 10th lord Moon also shows Arts. Despite many hurdles in life she does not bend her head in shy but walks through life. She is  also sentimental in nature. The plus point for her is, her practical approach and straight thinking without any forethought. Mercury being lord of 9th bhava represents higher consciousness, hence in general she is protected by cosmic power & also having intuitive powers. Mars being posited in 12th house, showing pull factor denotes hidden enemies. Therefore, she is often subjected to unforeseen troubles due to adding persons and issued based on influence of society. 

As per Naadi system, her past merits and wisdoms get only 33% weight age to Ascendant. Hence she requires extra caution in taking up pleasurable pursuits, speculation. Asc Lord placed in 9th showing she thinks, she is intelligent and has the wisdom to tackle any issue of pleasure, love and affection etc. No doubt she may be oriented towards artistic talent but she needs practical approach for anything to do in her future endeavor. But keep in mind that her practical approach may not work out in the matter of love and affection.  In life she will always face challenges or competition but with the help of benevolent Jupiter SHE WILL come out with flying colors in all aspects of her life i.e. name and fame at top notch with some discomfort. 


The Ascendant lord Venus helps to keep good constitution and will take care of her health and also being 8th lord maintain good longevity. Saturn being a slow moving planet and lord of 4 & 5 posited in 12th along with Mars showing affliction. Besides good health protection by Venus, she will occasionally suffer from mental tension, excessive headache, insomnia due to excessive indulgence in professional activities. But due to good mental strength and psychological firmness she will overcome from these problems. Due to eatable habits (liking of sour and hot food), which become cause of ailments in intestine or stomach problems. However other problems related to spine, waist, infection in UTI, menstrual problems may occur time to time ie.. during adverse period in dasha system. 


Such type of person is fine at work and will be perfectionist and of course much more than academic knowledge they use wisdom in their functioning means happy hard worker. They are self-made and reach the status by their own hard work. However, they have the urge to get good support from partner for their work. Thus their work is noticeable and get appreciation making them to reach their status.  The moon being moving planet and sign being moving in nature they have every chance to make their presence felt in different place or by moving around places. 

Family Matters

Regarding family matters there could be friction in family matters due to Mars. Occasionally she might become harsh and some sort of irritating factor in her tone. Avoid use of some stinging words which may affect other feelings.  She will be blessed with first Female Child in coming Saturn Dasha. 

Married Life

Regarding married life, Mars lord of 7th being posited in 12th needing more efforts for unification in marriage and in partnership otherwise due to ego from both sides some inevitable position may occur. Since she is hardworking and will have long plan to achieve status full position in life, my sincere advice to her not to rush to exhibit her presence for status at the beginning. They gain progressively strength and stabling themselves in society or in family circle. In her case Professional life dominate marital life. However, there could be no dearth for luxurious and comforts in her life. 


Being more imaginative and gets into wrong illusions and also being Mars an egoist planet she is influenced strongly by society & there would be friction in family on both the sides. She seldom gets  right advise. Normally she is misled and she takes that as right advice given by others. Overall she is freedom seeker. She does not get into bondages for long period. Such type of persons do not stand on one decision and will change often thus making it difficult to settle down quickly. She may suffer loss but she does not dissuade. She always like things which go against her. 

Predictions from 18th July 2020 to 17th July 2021

At present she is under control of Jupiter Mahadasha and Rahu Bhukti which will run till July 2021. In her professional life due to some sort of obstructions, disputes, quarrels at her work place, her efficiency level may drop and also involve blemish, displeasure and unnecessary worries in working atmosphere. But by the grace of Almighty and protected by cosmic powers she will become successful in all her endeavors and come out with flying colours. However, she should control on herself over quitting tendencies as said earlier. During above period she will develop self-confidence and free will. She will also concentrate on self-development. She may plan to make addition in family but in my opinion she should defer her decision till next year otherwise it may lead to progeny problems.

As said earlier, by the grace of Almighty, she will be blessed by Female Child.  From 06.07.2020 to 29.11.2020 She may have a lot of professional meetings and get in touch with some female friend. She may also enter in partnership business but it will not continue for a long time. During this period, she may suffer from health problems also due to excessive work load. From November 2020 onwards she will sign new contracts with various leading production houses. Due to her spiritual tendency and intelligent thinking, she will lead a happy married life. Yoga for purchase of property is also there. Avoid doing or start new venture in partnership or individual till May 2021, otherwise loss of money will be the result. Take care of her health from 06.07.2020 to 29.11.2020. Regarding her younger brother this year also give him prosperity, growth and success in all matters. However, despite being devotional, seeker of spirituality, meeting religious and spiritual function, her mother will have some fat related problems. God bless her. 

“Good Luck”



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