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Facts About Lord Hanuman

Myjyotish Expert Updated 11 Jul 2020 06:11 PM IST
Facts About Lord Hanuman
Facts About Lord Hanuman - फोटो : Google

Lord Hanuman has always been known as a hardcore devotee, the dedication and devotion exhibited by Lord Hanuman towards Lord Rama, till now, is considered as a benchmark that no devotee could ever achieve towards his/her idol.

Lord Hanuman, the epitome of courage and bravery, is and will always be remembered during the times of distress by chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

Even after reading and watching informative shows based on the life of Lord Hanuman, there are still innumerable beloved facts about him that are still unknown to us.

Some of these facts are-

1. Curse on Lord Hanuman

During his early phase of life, Lord Hanuman was as mischievous and fun-loving as every toddler. As a part of one of his harmless pranks, he used to tease the meditating saints in the forest, anguished by his pranks one day one of the saints placed a mild curse on him that made him forget all about his magical abilities unless someone reminded him of them.

This unknown fact was mentioned in many holy books where the instance about Jambavantha reminding him about his abilities to find Sita have been beautifully depicted.

2. Lord Hanuman once applied sindoor on his whole body to express his unconditional love and devotion towards Lord Rama

In one of the instances of Ramayana, as mentioned in the holy books, Sita was putting sindoor on her forehead while getting ready. Curious by this act, Lord Hanuman enquired from Sita about the reason for applying sindoor to which she replied that it was symbolic of the love she has for Lord Rama and being a companion of his, she expressed his companionship through the act. As a result of this, Lord Hanuman covered his entire body with sindoor to embody his love and respect towards his deity. Henceforth, he came to be known as “Bajrang Bali” from that day onwards.

3. Lord Hanuman once rejected a gift from Goddess Sita

When Sita once gifted Lord Hanuman with a pearl necklace, she was puzzled when he refused to accept any gift that is devoid of Lord Rama’s name. After which he ripped his chest off to show Lord Rama being incarcerated in his heart.

4. Lord Hanuman and Bhima were brothers

Lord Hanuman was the son of Pawan Dev and Bhima was also born by the grace of Pawan Dev. While living in a forest, Maata Kunti worshipped Pawan Dev to bless her with a son, and hence Bhima was born as an offspring of Pawan Dev. Thus, both Lord Hanuman were brothers.

5. Blessings from god

After his birth, Lord Hanuman was blessed by Varuna that air and water will never be an arch-nemesis of his and he will always be protected from them. Lord Agni blessed him with the boon that the fire can never burn his body.

There are many more unknown facts about the ardent devotee of Lord Rama and a deity of all us. The deity will always be worshipped for his unconditional devotion and extreme bravery.

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