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Why 5th August is not auspicious for laying foundation stone for Ram Temple in Ayodhya

Neeraj Dhankher Updated 22 Jul 2020 01:53 PM IST
Ram mandir
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Wednesday, the 5th of August 2020 has been chosen as the time for Bhumi Pujan at the Ram temple in Ayodhya. Prime Minister, NarendraModi is likely to visit the site and lay the foundation stone. The ceremony will commence under Dhanistha nakshatra and end during the operation of Shatabhishaj nakshatra. However, the foundation stone for the temple will be laid down exactly at 12:15 Pm under Abhijeet nakshatra.

The controversial site has remained a bone of contention between religious communities for a long time. Given the unique historical background of the temple site, a suitable muhurat for laying the foundation stone can go a long way in ensuring its smooth and timely execution.

Now the question remains if the muhurta chosen for the ceremony is the right one? In vedic jyotish, there are three parts to a muhurta for building a religious monument. First is for digging the site, second for laying the foundation stone and third for starting the construction activities. Let us understand the pros and cons of the considered muhurta:

What’s good:


  • The tithi operating on the day is Dwitiya (2nd), which is owned by Lord Brahma and considered auspicious for executing all activities. 

  • Choice of Abhijeet nakshatra is a good one. It is the 28th nakshatra and considered highly auspicious for commencement of any activity. 

  • Day chosen is Wednesday, which is fine. 

  • Yoga operating on the day is Shobhana which is positive. 

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What’s wrong:

  • Normally fixed nakshatras are best suited to promote strength and stability. But Dhanistha and Shatbhisha are movable nakshatras. Further, Dhanistha is owned by Mars and Shatbhisha by Rahu, both of which are malefic planets. 

  • Moon is in Krishna Paksh and thereby losing strength. It should have been in Shukla Paksh

  • Operating lunar month is Bhadrapad. The ideal month should have been either of Falguna, Shravana, Margsheersha, Pausa or Visakha. 

  • It is a very short muhurata. From 12:27 Pm to 12:54 Pm there will be Rahu Kaalam, which is considered inauspicious for initiating any activity. 

  • A movable sign like Libra rising as Lagna or ascendant is not suitable. It should have been a fixed and benefic sign such as Taurus, Leo or Scorpio. 

  • Venus, the lord of Libra sign rising at that time is badly afflicted by all malefic planets like Rahu/Ketu, Mars and Saturn. 

  • Moon is in a paapkartari yoga and is hemmed between Saturn and Mars on each side, making it quite inauspicious and weak. 

  • Both Saturn and Jupiter are currently in retrograde motion. Any activity which is initiated at such a time is considered to be short-lived and instable. 

  • Rashi of Lord Rama is considered to be Cancer sign. Judging from there, Moon will be posited in the 8th house on the day of foundation laying, which is highly negative.

  • Position of Moon in Aquarius sign falls in 4th house of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, which is not considered good. It can lead to controversies and obstacles in execution. 


All in all, it is a very ordinary muhurta. The revered sadhus, rishis and astrologers should have done a better job of it. 



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