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Solar Eclipse on 21-06-2020: Formation, Effect and Influences

Acharya Aaditya Updated 20 Jun 2020 06:33 PM IST
solor eclipse
solor eclipse - फोटो : google
A partial Solar Eclipse would be taking place on 21-06-20 at 10:20 AM and it would be the first Solar Eclipse of 2020 that would be visible in India. The starting time of the eclipse would be 10:20 AM and it would be ending at 13:48 PM. This year would experience a whooping six eclipse in total in which two would be Solar Eclipse and rest four would be Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse formation would be happening in Gemini sign and there would be a conjunction of four planets at the time of eclipse. These four planets would be Sun, Mercury, Moon and Rahu. Sun’s disc would be covered by Moon’ shadow by around 90% and it would cast some notable effects on human life on Earth.
Sun represents Father, Authority, Government, People in authority, Law enforcing agencies, soul etc in Astrology. When Sun goes under influence in eclipse then these aspects related to Sun also get influenced. We need to take of these aspects during the course of the eclipse so that there are no lasting negative impacts on the future course of life.

This eclipse can lead to instability in the country as well and there can be instances of instability in the Government machinery, the ruler/operator getting unstable, public outcry on some events, hike in ongoing tension in the country, terrorist activities surging etc. A the same point of time it can trigger natural events like earthquake, rising temperature in the weather, uncontrolled rains etc.

There are some important DO’s and DON’T’S under the time period of eclipse that need to be adhered so that we can bypass this time period silently and gradually gather some positive results out of it. Eclipse time has been highly rated for mantra recitation and yantra siddhi. This happens to be one of the choiced times for people involved in occult practices to gain siddhi. Mantra/stotra recitation related to Lord Vishnu is considered very auspicious. Likewise Maha Mrityunjaya mantra recitation is known to deliver good health and it eases off ongoing health related issues.

It is advisable to chant/recite/listen to mantra and Stotra of your choiced deity and gain some very formidable results. Meditation and other spiritual activities yield very promising results.

The following activities should be avoided during the course of the eclipse

*Avoid looking directly at the Sun
*Avoid travelling
*Sleeping should be avoided
*Eating should be avoided
*Cooking should be done prior to starting of the eclipse and Tulsi leaves should be placed in the food items.
*Inauguration/fresh initiation/new start activities should be avoided.
*Cutting, tearing and sewing activities should be avoided.
*There is no boundation for sleeping, eating, having medicine for old age people, ill person, pregnant women and children.

The following activities should be undertaken during the course of eclipse

*Meditation and Mantra recitation should be undertaken
*Recitation of Shri Vishnu Stotra, Vishnu Sahastranaam and/or Surya Dwadash Naam Mala/Shri Aditya Hriday Stotra/Shri Suryashtkam should be done
*You can pick up meditation/mind stilling techniques to calm your mind and feel peace.
*If you going through some health issue then chanting Shri Mahamritunjay mantra is very considered very powerful.
 *Post 13:48 PM one can offer donation to the needy for some unique items as a part of followup to the eclipse. Daan after eclipse is known to deliver exponential punya so it is advisable that everyone should indulge in donating the following items to the needy and get rid of some ongoing problems in life.
*Atta/Wheat Flour
*Red Masoor dal
*Pomegranate/Anar and Apples
*Red coloured clothes/cloth
*Copper utensils
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