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Vaastu And Auspicious Colours

Myjyotish Expert Updated 23 Jun 2020 05:28 PM IST
Vaastu And Auspicious Colours
Vaastu And Auspicious Colours - फोटो : Google


 It is a well proven scientific and psychological fact that colours have a very significant impact on every aspect of the inhabitant’s life. The different colours have a distinct psychological impact on an individual. That is why it is important to consider the impact of Vaastu on different colours and then determine the colour of paint one wants to have in their home.

Various astrologers point out that the colour should depend upon the section of the home as every section should have the colours depending upon the energy, size and direction.

For example-

  • The master bed room should be located in the south-west direction and the colour should be blue.
  • The drawing room should be in the north-west direction and should be painted in white colour.
  • The kid’s bedroom should be in the north-west direction as the moon is present in this direction and it provides good energy.
  • The kitchen should be in the south-east direction and should be painted in red or orange colours.
  • The hall should ideally be in the north-east direction and should be coloured yellow or white.
Experts suggest and advice that only bright colours like white, yellow and orange should be used in the interiors and dark colours like red, brown, black should be avoided as these can impact the waves of good energy in the house and disturb the calm environment.

Different colours may also be helpful when the person suffers from different ailments. Red colour can be used when a person suffers from blood ailments, anaemia, paralysis, heart or brain ailments.

Pink is considered to be a soothing colour and helps one relieve from any stress or tension.
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