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Understanding Tarot Reading

Myjyotish Expert Updated 26 Jun 2020 09:52 AM IST
Understanding Tarot Reading
Understanding Tarot Reading - फोटो : Google

Tarot card reading is one profession that comes after years of persevered practise and applicability of intuition and analytical skills. Since time immemorial, it has been perceived as the magic of predicting future, but in reality it is just a measure that allows a person to reach and interact closely with one’s higher self.

Tarot card reading is divided into two basic differentiating factors that are-

  • Question reading- Under this tarot card reading, the objective is to focus on one type of question and dig inside to know the answer of that particular question.
  • Open reading- Open reading focuses on larger part of life and is not restricted to a particular question or problem, it is suitable when one enters into a new sphere of life such as getting married, starting a family or starting a new chapter of education.

The tarot cards do not have a particular or recommended type, different types of cards depict different emotions and parts of one’s life. Before reading, the tarot card reader shuffles the card this symbolises transferring the energy to the card so that they accurately depict the results. After the cards have been shuffled, they are displayed in the form of a spread, the positioning of each card represents unique characteristics. Once all the cards are laid down, their nature is analysed by their positioning and their neighbouring cards. Tarot card readers make it clear that the Tarot cards d not tell the people what is to be done or what the future holds in itself for them but it is just an indicator of the various possibilities that the future may hold.
Another school of thought entails that tarot card reading is just reading of the subconscious mind of a person, what is inside the subconscious mind of the person is indicated in the cards.


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