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Secrets And Sun Signs

Myjyotish Expert Updated 24 Jun 2020 06:09 PM IST
Secrets And Sun Signs
Secrets And Sun Signs - फोटो : Google

Being human beings, we all have the tendency to keep secrets and maintain a sense of personal space. However, the different sun signs have a different manner and habit of maintaining a secret.

The different sun signs and their varying tendencies are as follows-

  • Aries- These people are very naïve and honest people, keeping a secret is a major task for them and they usually end up failing at it. They would be successful in keeping a secret for a day or two, but they won’t be able to bottle it more than that.
  • Taurus- They are very good at keeping secrets and are generally, not a very big fan of expressing their thoughts in front of anyone.
  • Gemini- They don’t like keeping a lot of secrets and are also guilty of spilling other’s secrets in the midst of a friendly conversation.
  • Cancer- Cancers are very secretive in nature, they don’t like engaging with people regarding their personal matters. They are very protective of their personal things and have created an isolated wall around themselves.
  • Leo- They are very outspoken and do not like keeping secrets at all. They will expressly lay down all their secrets in front of people.
  • Virgo- Virgos are great at hiding things. Getting a secret out from them is a task next to impossible.
  • Libra- The sign is all for pouring their heart out, these people are always longing for someone in front of whom they can lay down their heart.
  • Scorpio- The most secretive signs of all, maintaining and keeping secrets is something in which they expertise in.
  • Sagittarius- They are also very outspoken and don’t usually like keeping secrets. However, because of their tendency to forget about things, people may mistake them for being secretive.
  • Capricorn- They are looking for someone in front of whom they don’t have to stay secretive.
  • Aquarius- They are very complex to understand that is why people often misunderstand them. An Aquarius is very good at keeping other’s secrets.
  • Pisces- They are a pro at keeping secrets and are most often seen hiding things. It is difficult for them to trust anyone that is why they maintain this secrecy.
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