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Offering Water to the sun

Myjyotish Expert Updated 12 Jul 2020 05:46 PM IST
Offering Water to the sun
Offering Water to the sun - फोटो : Google

Offering water to the sun is a very holy and devotedly believed ritual performed by people in India. This tradition has been in practise since generations, everyone of us may have a distant memory of seeing our grandparents wake up early and offering water to the sun before getting on to their daily chores. This practise is also known as sun salutation.

It is believed that offering water to the sun early working helps you get positive energy and makes your day better and energetic. It is also believed by many sets of people that the brightness of the sun to which you are exposed during the process gives knowledge and shows one the right path to success.

Offering water to the sun helps in eliminating all sorts of negative radiations from life and allows peace and harmony to creep in one’s mind and body. Many people are advised to worship the sun to achieve prosperity in life. It is believed that offering water to the sun regularly enriches your mental capability and gifts you with endurance and energy.

It helps a person break away from the ill-effects of ego, anger, frustration and evil thoughts that may come up in a person’ mind. Some scholars also suggest to use a copper vessel in order to offer water to the sun since the metal copper is considered symbolic of abundance and endurance. People also chant different mantras such as Surya Sahasranam and Aditya Hriday Stotram.

An age old belief states that water offered to the sun in the evening gets converted into stones and these stones are symbolic of curing diseases like Typhoid, TB, Pneumonia etc. When a person offers water towards the direction of the sun the water waves falling from the head to the foot penetrates every part of the body. Scientifically UV radiations have been used to cure various diseases, as sun light passes through water it gets divided into seven colours and these colours penetrate into the body to provide energy.
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