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Love Horoscope This Week (3rd August to 9th August, 2020)

R K Shridhar Updated 01 Aug 2020 01:09 PM IST
Love Horoscope
Love Horoscope - फोटो : Myjyotish

The most intriguing fact this week is that Venus and Rahu are together in Gemini. This might make you infatuated with comfort, luxury and money and Rahu amplifies everything so result might be too good or too bad depending upon the other factors of your birth chart. So when a planet of love, romance, relationships, and spouse is associated with Rahu, it intensifies all these matters depending upon sign, house and aspect.  Rahu is a known taboo-breaker and with Venus it might provoke you to indulge in socially prohibited acts in matters related to love and romance and also in making money to become rich. 

                         Another association of Mercury and Sun in Cancer is not less fascinating. This transit will give you cutting edge in communication skills and also in learning and travelling. Though these two planets are comparatively fast moving planets and never remain more than 28 degree apart, you should be ready to take advantage of this transit. You will find a kind of fine tuning in speech, communication, and will-power and viewpoint on life. Mentally, you will be on peak and you might come up with innovative ideas and out of box thinking. You will apply your rationality and reasoning in love matters. Set aside anxiety and insecurity and discover what the stars have in store for you with the Love Horoscope this week: 

Aries Love Horoscope

                         Your sign lord Mars is posited in your twelfth house and aspects your seventh house. Your fifth lord Sun is posited in your fourth house with Mercury. If you look at your love and romantic relationship desires and expectations, you will find comparatively a tough sailing. Although, you may feel exhausted this week due to your career issues, you will continue your efforts to get love and support from your mate. You might find it more difficult to reciprocate love and affection the way you usually do. If you are finding it difficult to struggle through, perhaps using the extreme differences in your favor will help heal the cracks in the ties that bind. After Tuesday, left everything aside, be happy, walk through life with your head held high and live it up. What better way to get through your days than to play and feel the excitement; live up to the life that you love and share it all with your mate.

Taurus Love Horoscope

                        Your sign lord Venus is posited in your second house with Rahu. Your fifth house lord Mercury is in your third house with Sun. You might be spiritually disconnected with your mate and there might be some indecent happening between you and your love that you are not happy about. You should be careful in self- pity and looking for a reason to your wrong doing. Don’t be negative in your words and never put forward any lame excuse for your fault. You need to find love within yourself before setting out to find it in others. After mid-week you can attempt for reconciliation through effective communication with open mindedness. Howsoever differences might be there but you both value each-other that are blessings of planets. Be positive and only think of the best days. Understand your mate and his/her feelings and it will help you achieving the unachievable. Singles should not expect much in new romantic relationship. Weekend will be full of desired events and get togetherness. 

Gemini Love Horoscope

                           Mercury, your sign lord, is placed in your second house along with Sun. Your fifth lord Venus is present in your own house and Mars aspects your sign. There might be some healthy competition with each-other in romantic relationship matters. Now is the best time to go out and grab hold of what, or who, you really desire. No reason to shy away, tell your love interest just how you feel, especially now when you are feeling things on a more personal level. Always keep your arms open to welcome your mate’s gesture. This is such a powerful and passionate time for you right now. Even though your time would be better spent relaxing, your emotions are running high. It is a wonderful time for getting things done. You might feel as if some unseen power is limiting your heart flow particularly after Thursday. I think some fear factor is blocking you realizing intimacy. Self-observation will truly guide you what is holding you back in enjoying the most fulfilling relationship with your partner. 

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Cancer Love Horoscope  

                       Your sign lord, Moon is transiting this week from your seventh house to your ninth house. Mars is your fifth lord, that is posited in your ninth house and retrograde Saturn aspects your sign. You need to have a blind faith on your mate to fulfill your romantic expectation and anticipation. In the very beginning of the week, Moon will trigger your intuitive sense to smell the romantic episodes ahead. You have enough on your plate now without feeling the need to take on other problems that have nothing to do with you. Watch your ground and don't go ahead into a heated debate over love relationship right now, even if it looks tempting for you. Yes, you might feel alone when it comes to fulfilling your professional goals. It might appear in your mind that your mate is not supportive and cooperative, while working hard in achieving the requirements of your job. If you are not having the love you really truly want, if there's room for improvement, then take some time out from all of your worldly business to ask yourself how it could be better.

Leo Love Horoscope

                           Jupiter is your fifth lord and is retrograde and placed in your fifth house with Ketu. Your sign lord Sun is posited in your twelfth house along with Mercury.  There might be some mental anxiety and nervousness in your relationship requirements on Monday. You have to overcome this worry and fully trust on your love mate. It might also be due to your frustrating work schedule. Don’t distract your thought process as from Wednesday onward situation will start improving. By Friday you will be able to spare time for love and romance and weekend will be full of strength, unity and deep love. You may feel all new stimuli coming into your heart; the most favourable is on a spiritual level. Feel it in your heart, care for it in your life and nurture it in your soul. It will, in turn, help you to go up, out and above your expectations as well as everyone else's expectations of you. 

Virgo Love Horoscope

                         Your sign lord Mercury is posited in your eleventh house along with Sun. Saturn is your fifth lord and is present in fifth house as retrograde. Monday will give you and your mate an extra boost and potential in your romantic expedition. What better way to get through your days than to play and feel the excitement; live up to the life that you love and share it all with your mate. This will not be the only thing that keeps you busy, but it is definitely the best way to go through life. There is no greater feeling in life than to be able to live it, love it and laugh through it. You would be ready for a firm and serious commitment to your love mate in the mid-week. Your partner will also be in affirmation. You both know the ground realities and what lies ahead; you both will rely on romantic power, strength and encouragement to take your relationship to next logical level.

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Libra Love Horoscope

                        Your sign Lord Venus is posited in your ninth house along with Rahu. Your fifth lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in fourth and aspects your sign by tenth aspect. Though, you may find yourself quite contented on love and romance front in the beginning of the week. But there might be some serious misalignment in between you and your love mate. It appears as if you each have a different level of awareness while handling day-to-day situation. Basically, you and your mate blame for this situation to different causes and you both believe yourselves right. If you at least talk less and keep quiet for some time, many conflicting issues can be avoided. Love may prove a struggle for you this week. The affairs of the heart pull you in all directions. The love you sense will be equally coupled with the hate that you feel. If you are finding it difficult to struggle through, perhaps using the extreme differences in your favour, by being polite, will help heal the cracks in the ties that bind. 

Scorpio Love Horoscope

                         Your fifth lord Jupiter is retrograde and present in your second house with Ketu. Your sign lord Mars is present in your fifth house.  Things are becoming thrilling and dynamic on the love and romantic front owing to strategically placed Saturn and Mars. You will get full support from your mate to keep the romantic mood lively. You might feel new sense of urgency in relationship matters and would like to discuss it with your mate. If you are in a serious relationship, that anxiety of ‘what next’ has resurfaced. Your sense of responsibility is praiseworthy, though you may be sticking with it at the cost of your job punctuality and peace of mind. Be careful to avoid added stress or unnecessary arguments during this time. Stay focused, committed and on the right path. If you are single, this week marks an unbelievable turning point in matters of love and romance. You can expect a dating chance to come your way with very little effort. Go with it.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

                         Your sign lord Jupiter is posited in your own house and is retrograde with Ketu. Your fifth lord, Mars is posited in your fourth house. You might lose confidence this week with certain achievement of your love mate. If this is so, allow your mind to fill with positive vibes. Remind yourself that we all work hard to achieve something in life and that doesn’t mean it will undermine you or your dignity in your partner’s eye. Yes, if any burning comment is made by your mate, it might be hurtful. The kind of appreciation and validation you need, will be shown by your love mate, rest assured. You will just need to be honest with your partner. Look to yourself for the resources you desire and look toward your mate for something much deeper. You are ready to find yourself on a higher intellectual and perhaps even spiritual level. Spirits are soaring and your world around you is yours to paint however you'd like it to be.

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Capricorn Love Horoscope

                            Your fifth lord Venus is present in your sixth house with Rahu. Your sign lord Saturn is posited in your own house as retrograde.  Due to heavy responsibilities you and your partner might feel less romantic. You might feel burdened on account of your ambitions. In such a situation your love mate, perhaps, won’t be able to support and encourage you, the way you wish. He or she might be trying with how to carry his or her own share of responsibility in the relationship and not depend on you much in this situation. It is matter of solace that maturity will prevail on both of you to face the consequences. Your family life, your career, the thoughts you pursue, perhaps even the heritage from where it all stems from - they all play a huge part of what you strive toward lately. Search yourself, search in your emotions and find the passion that makes it all possible. Just remove your old junks and unnecessary beliefs.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

                           Your fifth lord, Mercury is placed in your sixth house along with Sun. Your sign lord retrograde Saturn is posited in your twelfth house and aspects your fifth lord, Mercury. You might feel difficulty and congestion in free communication with your love mate. At times, you might not be able to freely express your feelings and confusions might also crop up. If you have any problem with your mate, in any case argument will never solve your problem. You seem intellectually indifferent this week. You are distracted by someone or something that is keeping your mind off what it should be focusing on. You may not be able to focus yourself on anything of importance such as love interest you are trying to attain. Though, this week will not be very rough in romantic affairs, you and your mate will not feel happy, either. After Wednesday, you will resume your power and your fear to talk about love matters will vanish.   

Pisces Love Horoscope 
                   Moon, the fastest moving planet, is your fifth lord and travels this week from your eleventh house to your own house. Your sign lord Jupiter is retrograde and present in tenth house with Ketu. Mars is present in your sign. This will likely bring a remarkable feeling of possibilities. In the beginning of the week, you will get more support in making your relationship stronger with your mate. Your communication front will be easier to handle the situation. Your increased passion and emotions as well as your faith, high moral standards and values you have and the plans you have put into motion will pay off nicely. Thursday onward something special will be initiated on romantic front. It is necessary to make your approach as much love-friendly as possible. Being humble is good but not without confidence. You and your mate will be prepared and ready to dive into more intimate aspect of the relationship. In the weekend, you and your lover might effectively work on a top secret assignment that can yield money. 

Best of Luck

R K Shridhar

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