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Love Horoscope This Week (29th June to 5th July, 2020)

आर के श्रीधर Updated 26 Jun 2020 11:43 AM IST
Love Horoscope This Week (29th June to 5th July, 2020)
Love Horoscope This Week (29th June to 5th July, 2020) - फोटो : Google

  The most satisfying thing is that Venus is now clean and strong. sIn general, it represents comforts and luxury, joy, love, beauty, marriage, sexuality, relationships, artistic quality, passion, creativity etc. The sign of Taurus is one of the two signs of Venus, the other sign ruled by Venus in Libra. The Zodiac sign of Taurus is an Earthy sign signifying prosperity, assets, realistic approach, worldly gains and wealth through hard work, luxury and long-lasting relationships. This Venus will encourage you to possess the sophisticate things in life. Love and romance will also see very attentive and caring atmosphere. 

                            But other planets are still not very supportive so far as love life is concerned. Mercury is retrograde and combust in Gemini. Technological facilitation and communication could be disrupted, thereby creating huge misunderstanding between love mates. Many other misfortunes could happen like absence of logic in any discussion, breakdown of electronic items, cancellation of important travel plan etc. Moreover, planet of abundance and expansion, Jupiter is also not supportive. It is debilitated and retrograde. Apply turmeric or sandalwood paste on forehead, whenever you go out for important work. Set aside anxiety and insecurity and discover what the stars have in store for you with the Love Horoscope this week: 

Aries Love Horoscope

                         Your sign lord Mars is posited in your twelfth house and aspects your seventh house. Your fifth lord Sun is posited in your third house, Gemini with combust and retrograde Mercury and Rahu. Someone in your life has intensified your interest and you are ready for a second look. Let your curiosity lead you to a new relationship, even a passionate one. However, you might not feel much pressure about it due to your romantic confidence and anticipation ability. Enjoy the sensations and fun of a new romance. The world may feel fully transformed! With a lot on your plate, multitasking may be inevitable but take care not to take on more than you can handle. Don't let your plans overwhelm your thoughts and interests. Take things one at a time and see them through to fruition. Your own sense of confidence will make many things possible, including some amorous adventures! If single, remember, what comes in a hurry will pass just as quickly, so don’t worry. Romantic activity is highlighted later in the week.

Taurus Love Horoscope

                        Your sign lord Venus is posited in your own house. Your fifth house lord Mercury is in your second house as combust and retrograde with Rahu and Sun. Money matters are on your mind now, taking priority over love and romance. Your romantic ideas will drive your partner's mood beyond your expectations. Communication now can lead to positive relationship growth and can assist you in overcoming needless worry. Maintaining a low profile on your expectations would be most preferable idea to lead the game. Whatever you do in the midweek, enjoy a dose of fresh air to clear your head and help you see the big picture. Why not go for a quick getaway with your love-mate? Prepare for excitement.  Expect the unexpected. Don't write off romantic expectations. Work to maintain a spark even if things have become routine. Sensual and intimacy will help with more meaningful connection. Romance sometimes requires you to put in some work. It will be a mixed blessing so far as relationship emotions and tension is concerned.

Gemini Love Horoscope

                        Your sign lord Mercury is placed in your own sign as combust and retrograde along with Sun and Rahu. Your fifth lord Venus is present in your twelfth house and Mars aspects your sign. Connect with your inner-self now. Deeply buried thoughts may suddenly rise to the surface. The week demands soul searching. Insights made help you feel more secure. You are more concerned about your downtime as you feel the weight of errands and projects that require completion. At this moment you are preoccupied with answering "Who are you?" You hold power of attraction power and are full of romantic energy. Work to be sincere and initiate in honest relationships. Don't obsess with being right or in control. This time demands action and involvement. Get in tune with your loved one in the midweek and do the things you both enjoy. A romantic outing or the thrill of something done together is just what’s needed. On the weekend, enjoy the best of your love life. You are hot and passionate, ready for a little fantasy.

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Cancer Love Horoscope

                         Your sign lord, Moon is transiting this week from your third house to your sixth house. Mars is your fifth lord, that is posited in your ninth house and retrograde Saturn and Jupiter aspect your sign. Love and romance take a backseat now. Take this time to solve a problem that has been weighing on you. Reflect inwardly on private matters. Seek an answer for some action is now required of you. Look beneath the surface but avoid obsessing over the past. Keep your focus on things you can control and let go of the rest. Don't put yourself or your ideal on a pedestal. Be realistic in your expectations for people, including yourself. Take this opportunity to better yourself and know that calmer moments wait ahead. Go for the plain and practical, midweek. Get things done with a minimum of fuss. This week will turn your focus to career matters or dealings with authority. In the meantime, spending some quality time with your love on the weekend might be satisfying to some extent.

Leo Love Horoscope

                        Your sign lord Sun is posited in your eleventh house with combust and retrograde Mercury and Rahu. Jupiter is your fifth lord and is debilitated and retrograde and placed in your sixth house with retrograde Saturn. A new relationship has added some spice to your life but you may still be up in the air as to whether you are enjoying that. It may take some more time to reach a decision on that one. New opportunities are coming your way now. This may cause some feelings of upheaval but words of advice from a trusted source will help you weather the storm. Be ready for some push and pull in affairs of the heart. Effective communication may be required to get you on the same page. Be positive and only think of the best days. Understand people and their feelings and it will help you achieving the unachievable. Your approach and your attitude make all the difference! Express what is in your heart and your love will blossom.

Virgo Love Horoscope

                         Your sign lord Mercury is combust and retrograde and posited in your tenth house along with Rahu and Sun. Saturn is your fifth lord and is present in fifth house as retrograde with Jupiter. Whether you find yourself feeling nervous and not able to stay on tasks at hand, or you feel adventurous and like a good challenge in doing so, you will still need the assistance of others around you. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Romance may need to take a backseat as you focus on your career and professional goals. Be careful with your words and how you present yourself to others, particularly in the later part of the week. Consider possible public reaction to your ideas. Now is the time to make the most of your public persona. If asked for advice, make sure you choose your words with care as not everyone is ready for the honest truth. There are always people out there ready to judge you harshly. Don't give them any ammunition.

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Libra Love Horoscope

                          Your sign Lord Venus is posited in your eighth house. Your fifth lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in fourth house along with retrograde and debilitated Jupiter. You are ready to bring out of the monotony of the daily grind. You hunger now for intellectual fulfillment, new and engaging ideas to dwell on. You may need to pull someone back into your life who you have not spoken to in awhile in order to fulfill these desires. A long lasting and constructive relationship seems to be in the making as you are now able to see the big picture and harmoniously blend all spheres of your life. You may have some lopsided ideas about what you can reasonably hold inside and what you ought to risk revealing. Your family life, your career, the thoughts you pursue, perhaps even the heritage from where it all stems from. They all play a huge part of what you strive toward lately. Go for what you want more in life now as a many opportunities await you.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

                        Your sign lord Mars is present in your fifth house. Your fifth lord Jupiter is retrograde and present in your third house with retrograde Saturn in the beginning of the week. You are feeling soft hearted to the needs of those around you during this week. Your perceptiveness allows you to pick up on subtle signs that others may miss. Exciting new ventures -- formal or romantic -- are in the beginning phase now. Look to yourself for the resources you desire and look toward others for something much deeper. You are ready to find yourself on a higher intellectual and perhaps even romantic level. Spirits are soaring and your world around you is yours to paint however you would like it to be. Make time with some meaningful one on one conversation with someone special. It will prove fruitful for you. Use it to your advantage. Share ideas and values with others, most especially with someone new in your life. Talking about what matters most to each of you will go a long way towards furthering your budding relationship.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

                           Your sign lord Jupiter is posited in your second house and is retrograde with Saturn. On Tuesday morning at 03:07 hrs, it comes back to your own house to join with Ketu. Your fifth lord, Mars is posited in your fourth house. You are brilliantly decisive this week in all areas of your life. Whether you are contemplating matters of professional or personal importance, you are able to fully see the impact of your choices. The effect of your decision on the people in your life matters acutely to you. If you are feeling weighed down by trying to reach the right choice, reach out. Someone close and trustworthy is ready and willing to listen. A heartfelt conversation would be comforting right now. Communicating your innermost thoughts and worries would lighten the load. Keep yourself on the right path and your partner, should you have one, needs to be included in your joyful ride. There will be others around you who will seem to get exasperated at your success. To move forward you need to be ready to truly let go of the past.

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Capricorn Love Horoscope

                        Retrograde Saturn and debilitated Jupiter are placed in your sign. Your fifth lord Venus is present in your fifth house. Your second phase of sade-sati has begun. This current period calls for things to be well aligned in your life. This range from the minutest details such as paying bills to larger scale projects that needs to be seen through to completion. While this might not be the ideal time for romance, it is the perfect moment for personal well being and attention to health. Make appointments for check-ups. Get some needed rest. Things are falling into place for some important amorous encounter just down the road. Don't overtax yourself. A significant awakening is possible for you in matters of the heart. This time will help you uncover exactly why there has been an uncertainty for so long. If you are in a relationship and haven't been as happy as you could be, this might provide an opportunity for some much needed healing. 

Aquarius Love Horoscope

                          Your sign lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in your twelfth house. Your fifth lord, Mercury is combust and retrograde and placed in your fifth house along with Sun and Rahu. You are uniquely tuned in to your thoughts and feelings right now. Enjoy this heightened sense of awareness. Direct your attention to a lover, a friend or relative in need. Watch and be particular about what you give. What you offer now you will later receive. People treat you the way you treat them so offer them your best, more authentic self. Give your thoughts and passions freely. Put off making major decisions for another day. Right now, immerse yourself in your thoughts and feelings. Dare to show your true self to others. Along with this enjoyment and fulfilment in life comes a better and a healthier lifestyle. A close friendship, a hot romantic affair the ability to entertain your guests on a more upscale and classier way of entertaining all comes with a happy, healthy and fruitful lifestyle.

Pisces Love Horoscope

                          Your sign lord Jupiter is debilitated and retrograde and present in eleventh house. Moon, the fastest moving planet, is your fifth lord and travels this week from your seventh house to your tenth house. Mars is present in your sign. An aura of confidence surrounds you this week. You are suddenly the center of attention. If someone special has not noticed you yet you can expect them to now. The ball is in your court so make a bold move. Your sense of humor and imagination make true passion possible. Conversations with your partner open up in innovative new directions all while you are having a clear deepening of your heart. As a result, you will be able to share your innermost feelings with your mate in a way that opens new pathways of possibilities in your relationship that never existed before. If you are prepared for a commitment, stand for it. Take a risk and give all what you have. Let your confidence inspire another person to reach you and touch your soul. The world is your palace and you are the ruler to enjoy every fantasy of it.


Best of Luck

R K Shridhar

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