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Love Horoscope This Week (10 August to 16 August, 2020)

R K Shridhar Updated 09 Aug 2020 11:13 AM IST
Love Horoscope This Week (10 August to 16 August, 2020)
Love Horoscope This Week (10 August to 16 August, 2020) - फोटो : Myjyotish

                            Total number of interesting two-planet combinations are three viz. Venus-Rahu in Gemini, Sun-Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter-Ketu in Sagittarius. Jupiter is expansive planet with generosity and enrich higher awareness but Ketu makes the focus confused and unsystematic in almost everything including romantic pursuance. Sagittarius is a luck house in a kaal-purusha kundali, so reduction in luck factor is almost certain. Your natural attraction towards your mate might decrease on the pretext of practicing spirituality.

                           Rahu is impatient and has no fulfillment in life, hence with Venus it gives passion and desire for more and more love and relationship involvement but without any serious commitment. You would not hesitate to apply your diplomacy skills in your relationship. Also you will convince your mate to take extreme steps if required in your love and romance. So impractical and dreamy approach should be definitely avoided otherwise you will have to repent. If you suffer from lack of judgment or indecisiveness, defer the issue for some more time. 

                            But Mercury will make you great communicator by conveying your message or your viewpoint in more convincing manner. Self-expression will be a strong point for you this week. Sun will give you required confidence and will make you trustworthy. Since Mercury is a neutral planet so you might behave unemotional many a times.  Set aside anxiety and insecurity and discover what the stars have in store for you with the Love Horoscope this week: 

Aries Love Horoscope

                            Your fifth lord Sun is posited in your fourth house with Mercury, which is combust. Your sign lord Mars is posited in your twelfth house and aspects your seventh house. You and your love will need to look closely at the pragmatic aspects and also review your relations with friends or groups. There may be changes in connection or an old link returning. Nothing is quite what it seems at the moment and you may find it hard to make the crucial decisions. As the week turns around, aim for a sense of adventure and look to a new horizon. Whatever testing situations you have with authority, work for a resolution. Keep up with communications then turn your attention to life with your loved one with outdoor fun and excitement at the weekend. Recent change will ask you to make adjustments but you can still enjoy a few of the old-fashioned pleasures. If single, interesting developments are promised with a fascinating foreigner or a stunning stranger of opposite sex.

Taurus Love Horoscope

                             Your fifth house lord Mercury is combust in your third house with Sun. Your sign lord Venus is posited in your second house with Rahu. Your love may demand some attention early in the week, so make it a delight and don’t be too demanding. Make it cosy at home on Tuesday. Quality time spending with your sweetheart will set the mood. Listen to your loved one’s advice and if you wish to do otherwise, first win her/his heart, convince why you won’t be able to oblige her/him. Everything is changing right now but little of it will go in the direction you imagine. Be flexible. Once that’s done, you will find you are on the verge of a new era. Perhaps some inner gem you discover will become your riches in the outer world. The romantic potential is especially high on Friday and afterwards. Life’s mysteries thrill you as the week draws on. A state of fluctuation needs clear decisions, especially those affecting your long term situation. The spark of romance is ready to burst into flame!

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Gemini Love Horoscope

                          Your fifth lord Venus is present in your own house with Rahu and Mars aspects your sign. Mercury, your sign lord, is placed in your second house along with Sun. Catch up on the little things as the week begins. It’s a momentous week as you make decisions about lifestyle or romance. There may be health concerns to address. The most important thing is to get on with the business of what needs attention. You and your love will take a step together opening a new door or turning the body of your life in a new direction. Big decisions demand to be made, requiring a determined commitment or the application of skills or ideas you have worked on for some time. For the rest, there will be plenty of confusions, much of which will be exploding around the balance of career and love life. Shake up the concerns and come up with a new formula. After that, it’s the bills and the practical stuff, but the weekend is fabulous for romance, fun and frolic. 

Cancer Love Horoscope

                          Your sign lord, Moon is transiting this week from your tenth house to your twelfth house. Mars is your fifth lord, that is posited in your ninth house and retrograde Saturn aspects your sign.It’s a delightful start to the week, when everything points to ego-boosting fun. The romantic antennae are up and waving as the week begins. Make sure it’s sweet, for your love will be eager to talk. You know what can be achieved after that…yes, an intimate session will be blissful. The momentum and the patterns of change created in recent days will encourage you to take new directions. Telling shifts or decisions around your domestic or love life will leave a long term mark. You and your love need to put your heads together and come up with a new strategy. Have friends and colleagues over to your invited place for gossip to diffuse any incorrect perception about you duo and be sure that all is well with the world. If single, you could meet someone charming and sweet, so stay prepared.

Leo Love Horoscope

                          Your sign lord Sun is posited in your twelfth house along with Mercury. Jupiter is your fifth lord and is retrograde and placed in your fifth house with Ketu. A romantic moment between you and your love catches fire in the midweek, so be ready. In many ways, it’s an unstable or overloaded week and you will have to be careful as to how you manage money at the moment. You have been enjoying quite a pleasant spell sometimes. The ruler of the 7th house, Saturn is posited in your sixth, and your rapport with your mate is likely to take a dip. Taking the lead in relationships makes sense, yet caution is still called for. Around weekend you will feel as if your heart is enchanted than it has been in quite some time. Do your best to push through any feelings of insecurity, instead feel glittered. As the Sun is in twelfth, you may find yourself racing back and forth, interacting with everyone out of excitement.

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Virgo Love Horoscope

                            Saturn is your fifth lord and is present in fifth house as retrograde. Your sign lord Mercury is combust and posited in your eleventh house along with Sun. Communications will be the name of the game as the week begins and, certainly, it will be a week of trials or changes that will shift the perspective on what you can do or bring you the unexpected return. Some romantic patterns will begin to find their way back into daily life as the week gets underway. A new emphasis on money or a new financial situation to deal with will involve your sweetheart also. The big decisions about your life will set the small things in place. Friday and Saturday are filled with desire and passion. It’s an ideal time for the connected pair. You and your mate will enjoy a very happy conversation on weekend. Overall, keep the focus on the simple tasks and the routines that keep you working and keep you healthy.

Libra Love Horoscope

                          Your fifth lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in fourth and aspects your sign by tenth aspect. Your sign Lord Venus is posited in your ninth house along with Rahu. It’s a good time to take pleasure in the physical closeness in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. The cosmos this week shall favor singles who wish to spend some quality time enjoying with their newly found love. But, household matters might continue to be a source of argument for you and your mate almost throughout the week. Avoid arguments and be more accommodative. Having tough discussions can feel destructive, but it will provide the sense of purpose and passion required to make love come alive for you. Keep up with communications in the midweek then turn your attention to life with your loved one. Recent change will ask you to make adjustments but you can still enjoy a few of the traditional source of enjoyment. Your love will be feeling passionate, so make the most of it. You and your mate will enjoy a very happy conversation on weekend.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

                           Your fifth lord Jupiter is retrograde and present in your second house with Ketu. Your sign lord Mars is present in your fifth house. If you have had secret plans or visions, now is the time to start to give them shape into a working condition. There is still some inner exploration to do, and it may be that love and emotional life will help you unlock the secrets. Creative inspiration will help you put the new in place or perhaps your love will offer the sounding board you need to get a grip on the picture. Take the necessary steps and be ready to adjust your strategies at a moment’s notice. The weekend will be busy and could be hot! Keep up with communications. Why not break out this weekend, and hang out with your mate. With the Moon and Venus together in seventh house in the weekend, the spark of romance is ready to burst into flame! In the long term, take time with the inner world and some deep explorations. Be flexible. You will have the opportunity to shape a new destiny together.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

                            Your fifth lord, Mars is posited in your fourth house. Your sign lord Jupiter is posited in your own house and is retrograde with Ketu. You and your love will have a few rounds of chaos to deal with early on, though support and good advice will be there from the friends you have made. Monday sees you tested by the pressure of the big questions in life and it may be that you will make some decisions or set a standard about who you choose to mix with and where your life is going. Big moves are there to be made. Avoid stubborn pride and arrogance, or run the risk of severely straining relationships and affiliations. In fact, you are likely to make a major decision, or have a deep and meaningful conversation with your partner. Listening attentively will reveal layers of meaning you didn't get the first time around and it may take more than one conversation to get out of impasse. Please forget your past discussions reflecting differences, rather, now go ahead in this matter.

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Capricorn Love Horoscope

                            Your sign lord Saturn is posited in your own house as retrograde. Your fifth lord Venus is present in your sixth house with Rahu. If you have been disturbed about keeping a secret from your partner, this week, you will decide to come out with truth. As per planetary indications, it’s not something ugly to hide; it’s simply your insecurity which compelled you to hide something simple only to protect your love. However, you might realize that keeping this to yourself is only going to hurt your relationship in the long run. If you divulge, it will bring everything to protect and enhance your chemistry. One more thing, normally the position of Saturn  peak of the sade-sati does not promise well for pleasant and harmonious relations with your mate,  make sure that you take out some quality time for him/her. You and your love need to put your heads together and come up with a new strategy. How you live your life and the sense of direction you get will be instrumental in the process of change.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

                             Your sign lord retrograde Saturn is posited in your twelfth house and aspects your fifth lord, Mercury. Your fifth lord, Mercury is placed in your sixth house along with Sun. If you have been speculating whether or not to initiate a romantic relationship with a known friend, it’s possible that after Wednesday, you and your friend will unexpectedly find yourselves on the same wavelength. Go with it! However, you are likely to be under pressure from relatives to stop roaming around with friends, and take your romantic relationship seriously, become more responsible and start thinking in terms of tying the knot. This is likely to trigger a passion among bachelors to enjoy the happiness of life with a member of the opposite sex whom you like. Married life is likely to start becoming comfortable. For singles, romantic possibilities in the career environment are there as the week begins. Keep your eyes and ears open. It’s a great way to get closer!  It’s time for important decisions that help you carry out your plans. 

Pisces Love Horoscope

                             Your sign lord Jupiter is retrograde and present in tenth house with Ketu. Mars is present in your sign. Moon, the fastest moving planet, is your fifth lord and travels this week from your second  house to your fourth house. Idle away the hours with your love early in the week, as a smooth mood flows in and you long to flow around the world.You and your love will be bouncing around on ups and downs, wondering where life is actually taking you at the moment. It’s up to you to break from the dull routine and treat yourself to a good chat in a new location. As the week turns round, you will have to be back on deck with professional matters, dealing with the public or taking on the responsibilities that get the job done. Your partner is likely to be focused on the relationship from midweek, so balance those career demands! The big decisions about your life will set the small things in place. Focus on lifestyle and food for the weekend.

Best of Luck

R K Shridhar

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