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Life Path Number And Its Significance

Myjyotish Expert Updated 08 Jul 2020 06:38 PM IST
Life Path Number And Its Significance
Life Path Number And Its Significance - फोटो : Google

Numerology has been used for quite a long time now in determining your fate using one’s life numbers. This number determines your skills and abilities, future career paths, the purpose in one’s life and all the negatives.

Anyone can easily calculate their life path number using a simple addition, this single digit number can help you discover your inner self, to discover what is in your inner most values. In order to calculate your life path number, just reduce your birth date into simple numeric value. For example- If your birthdate is 7th June 1990, the month of your birth is June, that is 6. The birth date is 7 and the year is 1990, the sum of which is (1+9+9=19) the sum of which is (1+9=10=1)

Life path number= 7+6+1=14=5. Just keep reducing the number to a single-digit number. This calculated number can tell you a lot about your personality and what can be your life’s greater purpose. 

The significance of having each life number is-

1. One- Being the first number, the ones are assumed to be the leaders, aggressive and energetic. They always want to lead and always demand respect and compassion, they themselves face great difficulty in understanding other’s emotions.

2. Two- Twos are very gentle, sweet and caring people. They are peace mongers and makes sure that arguments are solved with love and peace.

3. Three- They are gifted with a natural gift of gab and good salesman skills. They are well aware of their talents and will never let their accompanying person to get bored. However, they procrastinate a lot and can be seen having difficulty in maintaining deep relations.

4. Four- They are well ordered and organised people. They are a paradigm of stability, both physical and emotional. These people are trustworthy and patient.

5. Five- They are true free-spirited people and are always on the lookout for fun and activity. They dislike passivity to the core.

6. Six- They are the caregivers and always feel like a motherly figure to those close to them.

7. Seven- They have an analytical mind and you can often find them diving in their own pool of thoughts.

8. Eight- They are pragmatic people and deeply focus on their careers, personality, finance, business and authority.

9. Nine- They have an open and a big heart and are very compassionate to everyone else. They have an abundance of love to offer to others.


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