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Kal Sarp Dosh

Myjyotish Expert Updated 07 Jul 2020 08:39 PM IST
Kal Sarp Dosh
Kal Sarp Dosh - फोटो : Google

In literal meaning, Kal means “time”, sarp means “snake” and dosh means a disease. This is an astrological concept that may affect an individual with many negative impacts. In the birth chat, when all the houses are clustered in Rahu and Ketu leaving half the birth chart with no planet, such an individual is said to suffer from Kal Sarp Dosh.


The Kal Sarp dosh mainly affects the health and mind of an individual, it may affect the mental peace of an individual for a long period of time. The effects of the dosh are misfortunes and mental disturbances.

  • The Kal sarp dosha affects an individual’s health and marriage.

  • It may affect the family life and may even give financial disturbances,

  • It leads to conflicts over ancestral properties.

  • They may see the dreams of deceased people, leads to anxiety and sleeping disorders.

  • They develop a strong fear and repulsion towards snakes.

  • It may also lead to many types of problems in native’s love life, health and education.




There are some very simple and effective remedies that can cure a person suffering from Kal Sarp Dosh which are as follows-

  • The first and the most effective remedy for such dosh is to chant Mahamritunjay Mantra regularly.

  • Another effective remedy is to regularly do yoga.

  • Frequent visits to temples is also a simple and very effective method to cure a person from Kal Sarp dosh.

  • The next remedy is to chant the Panchakshri mantra or Beej mantra 108 times a day and keeping a string of Agate in the hand.

  • Offering water to a Peepal tree every Saturday.

  • Observing a fast on Nag Panchami and worshipping the Nag Devta or praying to Lord Krishna and offer 11 coconuts in the river on a Saturday or on Panchmi.

  • Offering 108 pairs of Nag and Nagin made of metal in the river is a very well known remedy for curing the dosh

  • Chanting the Kaal Sarp gayatri mantra is a lucrative remedy too.

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