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Is It Safe To Say Yes If Your Kundalis Match

Myjyotish Expert Updated 01 Jul 2020 08:52 PM IST
Is It Safe To Say Yes If Your Kundalis Match
Is It Safe To Say Yes If Your Kundalis Match - फोटो : Google

Kundali matching is considered to be a very significant rituals of a marriage prospect. Some Hindu families are ardent believers of matching of the gunas and hence they do not approve of a marriage in case the required number of gunas don’t match. However, the question lingers in one’s mind that is it universally and fundamentally a good match if the gunas match? Is marrying someone on the basis of Kundali matching enough to maintain a healthy and loving relationship between a couple?

Kundali matching is a test to evaluate the compatibility of a couple and can various aspects of a relationship, it can predict whether a couple has a low compatibility and they may even face financial troubles and crisis in their individual professional lives. The kundali match also predicts whether the couple when united will be successful in bearing offsprings. The kundali matches 36 gunas and a couple having 18 and more compatible gunas are considered to be an ideal couple. These gunas are a basis of evaluation for the emotional, professional, sexual compatibility of the couple.

Therefore, referring to astrology to evaluate the compatibility is very significant before tying the knots with a marriage prospects and kundali matching in one way which can help one in making a viable decision regarding choosing their life partner. The decision to say “yes” for a marriage proposal is a significant decision to the core as it has implications on the future life of the native and thus making sure that the couple is compatible through astrology can help you take a pre analysis so that you never regret saying “yes” to your partner and to maintain prosperity in the married life!
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