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Indian Ritual And Their Scientific Explanations

Myjyotish Expert Updated 02 Jul 2020 10:57 AM IST
Indian Ritual And Their Scientific Explanations
Indian Ritual And Their Scientific Explanations - फोटो : Google

India is a county of cultures; the country has several religions cohabitating together and every religion has a set of their own traditions and cultural values. But have you ever wondered whether all these popular rituals that you witness in your families, movies, television shows have science behind them? Where do they originate from and what value do they offer and How?

1. The ritual of Namaste

The Indian culture perpetrates of joining both our palms to say Namaste whenever we have to greet someone instead of saying Hello/ Hi in the modern culture. But do you know what is the science behind joining both our palms when we meet someone?
While joining both the palms together, pressure is inflicted on the fingertips which are the basic pressure points of eyes, nose and ears and inflicting this pressure send a signal to the brain that identifies the person and allows it to retain their picture.
2. Applying Tikka on the forehead

Every Indian worship is concluded by applying Tikka/ Kumkum on the forehead, the middle spot of the forehead is considered to be the origin point of the nerves of the body and applying a Tikka is believed to ensure that there is flow of energy and concentration throughout the body.
3. Applying Mehendi/ Henna on hand and foot during marriage ceremony

Applying mehendi is considered to be a very important ritual in any marriage ceremony however the thought behind this ritual is that the henna used is calming in nature and hence it relieves the bride from any stress that she may experience in her head, feet or arms.
4. Worshipping of the Peepal tree

Worshipping the Peepal tree is an important ritual from the scientific point of view as the tree releases oxygen during the day and night and therefore, worshipping the tree ensures flow of oxygen into the body cells.

5. Chanting Gayatri Mantra during the Puja
The Gayatri Mantra produces 1,10,000 of waves in our body at a point of time. Chanting the mantras helps boost our health and immune system for atleast 90 minutes.
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