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Importance Of Time Of Birth In Vedic Astrology

Myjyotish Expert Updated 02 Jul 2020 10:53 AM IST
Importance Of Time Of Birth In Vedic Astrology
Importance Of Time Of Birth In Vedic Astrology - फोटो : Google

The astrologers predict the future of the native through his/her birth chart and the positioning of the planets. The planet charts and the birth chart is determined by the date, time and place of birth. Therefore, the time of birth plays a paramount role in determination of the birth chart and hence forms the basis of astrology.

The positioning of the different planets during the exact time of the birth are the key indicators of a person’s traits and personality characteristics. Knowing the correct and the exact birth timing is crucial because these bodies are constantly movie at every second of the day and hence their positioning can be misinterpreted if the exact timing of the birth is not known. Thus the time of birth forms the pivotal point in the accurate calculation and prediction.

The accurate birth time helps the astrologer to identify your ascendant sign and this sign determines the structure of one’s birth chart. The ascendant also helps in determining the house cusp, this house cusp comprises the entire structure of the birth chart and has been divided into 12 parts, each part representing different houses.These different houses help in prediction of different aspects of the native’s life such as education, career, health, marriage or finances.

However, being aware of one’s exact time of birth is very rare as even the medically issues birth certificates may sometimes not have the exact timing and can be misinterpreted in astrology. Astrology also offers rectification ways which can help one to remember their exact birth time but such a procedure is very time consuming and one has to incur a lot of cost in the process. Hence remembering the exact time of birth of every individual is the most desirable method of accurate prediction of future through astrology.
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