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Houses that impact your career

Myjyotish Expert Updated 02 Jul 2020 10:40 AM IST
Houses that impact your career
Houses that impact your career - फोटो : Google

The field of astrology is never-ending, you can look for any questions related to your life in astrology and astrology will serve you the answers. Professional career is a very significant aspect of one’s life and hence, any question relating to it play a very significant role in one’s life. The 1st, 2nd, 6th and the 10th house of the birth chart are the principal indicators of one’s career life.

The 1st house of the birth chart indicates the willingness exhibited by an individual to move forward in life, the 2nd house is the indicator of wealth and helps to estimate how one will earn and how much will one earn, it helps in estimating whether a person can enter a business or a corporate option.

The 6th house is the indicator of health and it predicts whether a person will be healthy in whatever field he/she may work in the future or will that profession be detrimental to their health. The profession that can be the most suitable for a person on the basis of their personality traits, ambitions and the movement of the planets is predicted by the astrologers on the basis of the 10th house of the birth chart. Any career related inhibitions that a person may has can be solved and answered by studying the 10th house and the master of this house indicates the best professional field for any individual, if the 10th house of the birth chart is in coordination with the moon, the individual will have a successful career and will end up being satisfied with their professional choice.

Therefore any person who may be facing any issues or doubts related to their professional or career related choices must consult an astrologer who can study the positioning of their planets and help them find the answers to all their queries.
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