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Career & Astrology

Myjyotish Updated 22 Jun 2020 06:06 PM IST
Career & Astrology

The presence of astrology in every domain of life is inevitable. Astrology can help you predict every future decision of your life. Career options, educational fields, marriage prospects, wealth and prosperity are some of the innumerable things that can be predicted through horoscopes and astrology.

Choosing a career is one such decision which needs to be taken with utmost importance as a good career can either make or break one’s life. People tend to depend upon astrological science to know their future career prospects and ensure that they take a well-informed decision so that their future holds only prosperity and success.

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Adopting the help of astrology to find the perfect career option can help one not only benefit monetarily but also helps one feel content and at peace with their decision. Looking at the position and strengths of various planets in your birth chart can help in predicting what one specialises in and what one’s natural inclination is.

The best career option can be determined by finding out the best house, the best sign and the best planet in a chart. The best planet would have a better influence of the selection of the career choice. Some of the best professions based on sun signs are-

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  • Aries- Police force, Sports, Doctor and Engineering.
  • Taurus- Jeweller, Actor, Banker, Property dealer.
  • Gemini- Accountant, Journalist, Writers, Translators.
  • Cancer- Nurse, Fisherman, Interior designer, Historian
  • Leo- Government jobs, Politician, Diplomats
  • Virgo- Astrology, Accountant, Media, Doctor
  • Libra- Judges, Artists, Fashion, Receptionist, Interior Decoration
  • Scorpio- Scientists, Doctor, Police, Insurance
  • Sagittarius- Law, Banking and Finance, Religion, Entrepreneur and Athletes
  • Capricorn- Raw material extraction, Mining, Lumber
  • Aquarius- Advisors, Consultants, Philosophers, Engineer, Astrologer
  • Pisces- Doctors, Marine related, Painters, Prisoner
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